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Get free cloud hosting credit worth $30

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This is one of the more interesting deals we offer to our faithful HostAdvice users. The Cloudways deal gives you a $30 credit on any of the company’s cloud hosting plans, which include packages for DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. To get started with this plan, you simply need to:

• Sign up for an account with Cloudways
• Input your coupon code
• Receive your credit when you upgrade with a credit card

Getting started takes a few minutes, and can lower your website building costs to give you better results.


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•ウェブサイト開発用に最大160 GBのストレージ スペース
     •ビジター用に最大5 TBの帯域幅

サーバーには Google Cloud、およびVultr

20% Off First Two Months

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This will provide an instant discount of 20% off your first two months hosting with CloudWays. WP Levels teaches people how to use WordPress with free and premium courses and offers this discount to everyone looking for a fantastic web host.

Get free cloud hosting credit worth $30

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This includes $30 free hosting credit and user will be able to get it after signing up at Cloudways and they will get free hosting credit as soon as they upgrade their account using credit card. 

Get 25% off for 3 Months on all hosting plans!

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25% off for 3 Months on all web hosting plans!

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