How to Change Your Domain's MX (mail eXchanger) Record in cPanel


MX (Mail Exchanger) records specify which server will receive the incoming mail for your domain. They are a critical part of a website’s DNS since they tell the servers the exact location to send emails for a certain domain.

This tutorial will show you how to change a domain’s MX record(s) on a different server and change email routine on the cPanel.


  • Once you change the MX default settings, cPanel will no longer handle your email settings.
  • Besides, when you change your MX entries, you will have to configure your email routing for everything to flow seamlessly.

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Let’s roll!

Step 1-
Changing Your MX Records

Log into your cPanel and locate the Domains section. Click DNS Zone Editor to open the menu:

Once the menu opens, click Manage.

Next, a new window will appear, click MX.

Another window displaying the MX records for all your hosted Domains will appear. The record of interest is the default MX record which is represented by:

Click Delete to remove the existing MX records:

A dialogue box will pop up, asking you to confirm that you want to delete the record. Click Continue to remove the MX records:

By now, you have successfully removed all the existing MX record. Next, click Add Record to include a new MX record (s).

This will take you to a new page where you will be required to enter details of your new MX record.

Submit accurate details and click Add Record

That’s it, you have successfully changed you Mail Exchanger records. You can now proceed with the next step.

Step 2-
Routing Your Email

As mentioned earlier, once you change your MX domain records you will have to adjust the routing settings of your email.

Go back to the homepage of your cPanel and locate the Email section. Click Email Routing.

Take note of this Warning Dialogue Box:

The default settings for Email Routing is Local for all your hosted domains:

To enable the use of third-party email services tick Remote, then click Change to apply the changes:

That’s it, you have successfully changed the settings for your email routing.


There you have it! The guide has helped you change your Domains MX records on cPanel. You have also adjusted your email routing settings to enable your new MX records to work.


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